– [Narrator] This time of yr, bulls are competing for the precise to breed.

They usually show their health in probably the most dramatic vogue, kicking clouds of mud into the air as they urinate after which roll their 2000-pound our bodies in opposition to the naked earth.

This bull is sending a message.

It is a chemical billboard.

It tells the opposite bulls he is on the peak of his sport.

One of many giant bulls is sticking shut to the calf’s mom, tending her, however he is treading a troublesome path.

He is surrounded and the competitors is stiff.

If he needs to maintain her to himself, he will have to show that he can.

It is a lethal severe sport.

The success of future generations relies upon upon the end result of those gladiatorial battles.

And because the two bulls exhaust themselves, somebody seizes a gap (bison working) Amidst the chaos, the calves search consolation in one another.

And as with each competitors, there’s a victor.

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