When my household and I’d go to our native village of Thirukarugavur [Tamil Nadu], my patti would put together a bunch of scrumptious snacks. A few of these, I realised years later, weren’t simply tasty — they have been additionally filled with quite a few well being advantages. 

One such snack is the elantha vadam.

It’s produced from the elantha pazham, often known as ber in Hindi and Indian jujube in English. Patti would buy it, dry it, take away the seed, and hand pound it. Then, she’d add some salt,  tamarind, and candy if wanted, and flatten the combo along with her palm.

The end result was the elantha vadam, a bitter, barely spicy, and barely candy snack that I relished on.

Elantha Vadam
Elantha Vadam is a snack that tingles your style buds.

Patti would inform me it’s good for the abdomen and digestion, and helps with pitha (digestive points attributable to a rise in physique warmth). 

It wasn’t simply my grandmother who swore by the advantages of ber, the champion of this dish. Analysis papers have discovered a number of well being advantages for this fruit, which can be known as Ziziphus mauritiana, and is wealthy in Vitamin C, calcium, magnesium and potassium.

In keeping with a paper revealed within the Worldwide Journal of Present Analysis and Evaluate in February 2012, the plant “pacifies vitiated pitta, kapha, [doshas as per Ayurveda], weight problems, fever, burning sensations, cough, wound, pores and skin illness, ulcers, stomatitis, diarrhea, sexual weak spot, and normal debility”. 

The paper provides that the plant has anti-cancer and anti-diarrheal properties as properly. 

The ber plant
A ber or Indian jujube in bloom

The ebook Nuts and Seeds in Well being and Illness Prevention finds that the seeds of this plant possess anxiolytic (helps in decreasing nervousness) and sedative actions. It provides that some research demonstrated that the seeds might assist Alzheimer’s sufferers as properly. The extract of the seed might also assist in tuberculosis, most cancers, and AIDS therapy. 

Moreover, the seed can even assist management ldl cholesterol.

“The roots have been used to deal with coughs and complications, while the bark has been used on boils, and for dysentery. The leaves are antipyretic (used to deal with fever), while the fruit has been used to help digestion and to deal with tuberculosis. The seeds assist to treatment eye ailments…assist relieve thirst, and have a sedative and hypnotic impact, which is useful in insomnia, ache, bodily weak spot, and rheumatic symptomatology,” reads the ebook.

Helps in diabetic neuropathy

Indian jujube fruit
Indian jujube or ber or elantha pazham fruits prepared for consumption

A paper revealed within the Iranian Journal of Fundamental Medical Sciences in March 2015 discovered that the extract of the plant protects towards toxicity brought on by excessive blood sugar. The fruit pulp can forestall diabetic neuropathy, which damages nerves within the leg and toes.

A paper revealed within the Worldwide Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Analysis describes the well being advantages supplied by every a part of the plant.

The fruit is helpful to purify blood and helps in chest complaints. The seed is alleged to assist in nausea, vomiting, and belly ache throughout being pregnant. The seed kernels can be given as an antidote in case of poisoning. A paste ready of the seeds may be utilized to wounds.

The leaves additionally act as an astringent and are used for treating diarrhoea. The paper says that they’re prescribed for thyroid in kids. The flower is used to deal with pores and skin ulcer, eye illness, and jaundice.

The paper additionally finds that the plant can assist treatment liver injury because it has hepatoprotective properties.

As for me, I can’t look ahead to subsequent January, once I go to my patti and relish on the candy elantha vadam once more. 

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Edited by Divya Sethu

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